UniDexGas.com X Infinity Gainz AMA 1/14/21

Crypto94: Welcome @bitcoinly @BTCman2020

Crypto Man: Hi, thanks for having us.

BitCoinly: hi

Question 1. Crypto94: Please give us a brief description of what is UniDexGas and how it relates to UniDexBot $UNDB? Why create a 2nd project?

BitCoinly: UniDexGas is designed to give you 100% cashbacks for your ETH gas spends so it makes your gas spent worries a history. And it is designed in such a way that if the price of the token is stable, you get your investment in token back in 50 days and then you can enjoy the free ride. Answer for the second part will follow:

As you know, our first project is UniDexBot.com and the gas wallet is designed to be controlled by the project. So, this idea of cashbacks for ETH gas spends came up and we did the coding from scratch in less than 10 days and making it available for UniDexBot as well as all gas spends from your wallet.

The product is ready to use. We will kick in the cashbacks with the Uniswap launch. Here is the sneakpeak of the user dashboard:

Crypto Man: Would also like to add that UNDG can work for both Unidexbot users as well as non-undb users.

BitCoinly: Yes, universal. All gas spends in your wallet anywhere.

Here is the whitepaper for the project which explains it’s sustainability and A to Z details.

Question 2. Crypto94: So walk me through how it will work step by step. I’m trading on Uniswap and what is the 1st step I will be doing and walk me through until the last step on how I get my gas back. So we have a clear picture on how it will work.


Dev Udex Bot: HI!


Ø Calculate your approx gas spends $ value in a day. Multiply it with 50.

Ø Buy UNDG tokens worth that value and hold it like a rock

Ø Connect to UniDexGas.com/app

Ø Your each tx will be shown in dashboard and eligible cashbacks will be posted.

Ø At Midnight UTC, total cashbacks will be posted and will be available to claim. Minimum claim value $20.

Essentially making your gas spends 0$. Do this 50 days and UNDG price stable, your token investment will be back in 50 days. Should the price doubles and stays there, you make it back in 25 days.

Crypto Man:

To add to what bitcoinly is saying. For regular users as you can see in the image. You spend gas fees, and the database collects information on how much of the gas was spent by the wallet, it calculates amount of UNDG that will be credited from that transaction. Considering the max daily cap is 2% of the amount of tokens you are holding.

So in USD terms. If you are holding $5,000 worth of UNDG tokens, you can spend and claim as cashbacks max cap of $100 for that day.

For holders of UNDB, since the gas wallet is a different wallet. The database links both the main wallet and gas wallet and does the calculations as well.

Question 3. Crypto94: Very impressive. Do you have competitors? Who else is doing this?

BitCoinly: I know ENOL is doing it.

Crypto Man: We do have competitors. And we consider competition to be a healthy thing. At the end of the day it’s the user who will benefit. The difference is that we offer 100% cashbacks to everyone without having to deal with tiers.

Question 4. Crypto94: It seems the product is online and ready to go?

Crypto Man: As soon as it launches on uniswap. 100% ready.

BitCoinly: Uniswap launch will be next day after hardcap is met.

Question 5. Crypto94: Explain the utility of your token and where will the demand come for it? Why buy and hold UNDG?

BitCoinly: You buy and hold UNDG because you are fed up of this gas fees and you are getting a way to nullify it. Use fees.wtf and check your gas spends so far. You will be amazed. And we are offering a solution that can even bring your investment back in X days. We believe people will be interested in this model and will have huge demand.

Crypto Man: Exactly, by holding the token you can recover the gas fee you spent through cashbacks. Also, the structure of the token, makes it sustainable as can be seen in section 3 of the whitepaper. Where we show formulas and different scenarios and how and why the token is sustainable. Everything explained in detail.

With these formulas you can calculate any scenario and confirm the token is sustainable.


Question 6. Crypto94: Is your contract audited?

BitCoinly: Not yet but we will consider it. We are NOT adverse to getting audited. But, these days Auditing claims are just a tool for Marketing. You know what happened with Akro lately. It was audited twice. And, one can change the codes after auditing as well.

Question 7. Crypto94: Please share the token contract here

BitCoinly: https://etherscan.io/token/0xA5959E9412d27041194c3c3bcBE855faCE2864F7

Dev Udex Bot:

ICO 0x77A9e40406Ae23419CC0df8b3e690a64FB136509

UNDG 0xA5959E9412d27041194c3c3bcBE855faCE2864F7

Question 8. Crypto94: Tell us the Presale Token Metrics:



What percentage of the Ether Raised will you put towards Liquidity?

Presale Price?

What will the Uniswap Listing Price be?

Max Allocation?

Was there a private sale? If yes, at what price and proof of Private Sale Contract?

Crypto Man: There was no private sale. We want to make it fair for everyone.

BitCoinly: There was no private sale. This is our very first open public sale.


Total tokens — 10,000

ICO sale — 3,500

Rewards Fund — 3,500

Uniswap Liquidity — 1,500

Team — 750

Marketing — 750

ICO Details:

Presale start date: 14 Jan 14:00 UTC

Softcap: 250 ETH

Hardcap: 525 ETH

Max duration: 72 hours

Min duration: Softcap met

ICO price:

UNDB holders (hold minimum 0.1 UNDB): 7 UNDG tokens/ETH


Non-UNDB holders: 6.5 UNDG tokens/ETH

Uniswap listing price: 6 UNDG tokens/ETH

Uniswap listing date: One day after hard cap met or 18 Jan 14:00 UTC

Circulating Marketcap at launch: 580 ETH

Presale contribution address: TBA

Get UNDG tokens immediately.

Product status: Working. Cashbacks kick in with Uniswap launch

Max allocation: Not more than 130 UNDG tokens (~20 ETH). No minimum

Question 9. Crypto94: How much are you putting towards liquidity?

BitCoinly: 1500 UNDG tokens | 250 ETH

Question 10. Crypto94: How much did UniDexBot raise in ether?

BitCoinly: It was around 250 eth.. It was our first project.

Question 11. Crypto94: When was the presale for it, what date?

BitCoinly: In September. 4 months ago. And we have 750 people using the bot now. Sushiswap integration coming soon.

Crypto Man: Unlike other projects who made only promises, our dev delivered limit orders, cycling, trail stop, stop losses, sniping all fast on the first project.

Question 12. Crypto94: You raised $87,000 for UNDB and made it a very succesful project. Did 40x and currently still at 10x +

You are raising over $600,000+ for UniDexGas

Why such a large raise?

BitCoinly: The first one was the dev’s first project. That time I was not in the team. And he did not know much about marketing. He now understands that was a very small raise. Now there are people to help him and guide in the right direction. I honestly believe UNDB deserves to be in a very high cap than it is now. Coming back to UNDG, 600k is very small.

Look where is UniTrade at in comparison with UNDB and who delivered a better and working product.

Crypto Man: Also, eth price on September was around $300. Right now is almost $1,200. So in USD terms it looks like that but in ETH terms it’s only a little more. Also, a big part of that goes to the liquidity pool and to make the tokenomics and the structure work and sustainable. Funds will also be used to do proper marketing, partnerships and promotion.

Crypto94: True, $UNDB was mostly shilled free by Infinity Gainz lol almost zero marketing at the time by the team. True hidden gem.

BitCoinly: Also, 600k is still way lesser than competition’s cap. Yea, now we understand the importance of marketing and will need funds for the betterment of the project.

Question 13. Crypto94: How does the team get paid by UniDexGas usage?

BitCoinly: We have Team token allocation of 750 tokens. Plus, it helps in the adoption and usability of UniDexBot project itself. All of us wanted a solution for the gas problem and we all benefit from this project together. Though UniDexGas is a stand alone project, it rightly contributes to the UNDB ecosystem.

Crypto Man: Yeah and also team tokens will be locked. To show we are going to be commited to the project like we are with UNDB.

Question 14. Crypto94: Can you tell us about the vesting schedule for the team?

BitCoinly: We will make a medium post on that soon. We will lock team tokens for 3 months and then will decide further locks based on situation at that time. We have been locking UNDB Team tokens every 30 days. This was necessary because we had a Rewards program for holders and liquidity providers and some funds needed to be released.

Question 15. Crypto94: A lot of people are excited about your new project based on the fact that $UNDB was such a massive success both as an actual use case project but also the utility of the token naturally allows demand (pumping the price) to insane levels, However, people are PM’ing me to ask if the team can KYC and how can we trust you? Ether is at an all time high too. Basically, how can we trust you? People are PM’ing me.

BitCoinly: No, each of us love our anonymity and do not like to reveal our identities. Crypto world is not safe. If we reveal something, we can expect someone at the door tonight. So, for our safety and our families, we do not want to do it.

Crypto Man: Also our dev and our team has proven ourselves of being legit and professional with the UNDB project which we are still running together with UNDG.

In the past we have seen KYCed devs rug pull, so even being identified doesn’t guarantee anything.

Those who are worried should check how well we have ran the UNDB project and how successful it has been.

BitCoinly: Yes, KYCs can be faked.

Question 16. Crypto94: True, it is all about intentions of the devs. You can rug, public or anon.

One last question, what can we expect from the team in the comming days/weeks in terms of marketing and development?

BitCoinly: Several influencers are interested in the project and are on our side. We know adoption is important and so we will market this product better. Also, it works like cross promotion for our both projects. Development — Most of it is done and can go Live. Referral system will come a couple of weeks or so later, where the referrers will get the 10% claim tax of the person he referred. We will present this model to several projects and they can have all their users to sign up with a referral link and get all the 10% claims of their users and use it for their project’s benefit. For example, suppose you have a referral link and if your fans sign up with that link, you will get automatically all their 10% claims. This is mutually beneficial.

@BTCman2020 you continue. I need to update medium post with something. Thank you @Renoboy81 ttyl

Crypto Man: Sure.

Well as Bitcoinly said, we are having big marketing and in terms of development, the product will go live as soon as its listed on uniswap. The referral links feature will be ready soon in the following days or weeks. Our dev is fast as he has shown before. Then after that we will have more features that will be revealed in time.

We are really proud of our dev and the team as well and will do everything humanly possible to make it as perfect as possible.

Crypto94: Great. I think that summarizes it

‼️Disclaimer‼️ Infinity Gainz AMAs are for vetting purposes only, NOT endorsing.

I am not responsible for your losses or gains.

AMA is over

Crypto Man: Thank you for having us.

I’ll invite you to join our telegram chat:

Enquiries @BitCoinly

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