Today (UNDG) has launced referral scheme for 3 categories:

  1. Influencers
  2. Project owners
  3. Top 40 holders (including our wallets in etherscan
  4. Uniswap Liquidity providers ($4000 worth UNDG + ETH)

The referral link will look like this:

Benefit: The 10% Claim tax of your referrals will come to your wallet instead of posting to our Rewards wallet, which you can use for your or your project’s or your followers’ benefit.

Other than the above 3 categories, Anyone who will get 3 projects to partner with us, will get a referral link for himself. Bounties are available for anything lesser.

Please contact @BitCoinly in TG if you pass one of the above criteria.

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UniDexBot TG:




Total tokens — 10,000
ICO sale — 3,500
Rewards Fund — 3,500
Uniswap Liquidity — 1,500
Team — 750
Marketing — 750

Initial circulating supply: 3,500

ICO Details:

Presale start date: 14 Jan 14:00 UTC

Count down:

Softcap: 250 ETH
Hardcap: 525 ETH

Max duration: 72 hours
Min duration: Softcap met

ICO price:

UNDB holders (hold minimum 0.1 UNDB): 7 UNDG tokens/ETH
Non-UNDB holders: 6.5 UNDG tokens/ETH

Uniswap listing price: 6 UNDG tokens/ETH
Uniswap listing date: One day after hard cap met or 18 Jan 14:00 UTC
Circulating Marketcap at launch: 580 ETH

Presale contribution address: SEND ETH TO 0x77A9e40406Ae23419CC0df8b3e690a64FB136509
Get UNDG tokens immediately.

Max cap per wallet — 130 UNDG tokens (~20 ETH) No minimum

Product status: Working. Cashbacks kick in with Uniswap launch.

Enquiries: TG: @BitCoinly TG: